Friday, April 29, 2011

Top Ten Reunion List

Here are the top ten reasons to buy a ticket for the RSS 1991 20 year reunion!

#10 A chance to spend the night at a downtown hotel for a reduced rate. The Crown Plaza is offering a $99 room rate for both Friday and Saturday night. Now you and your husband/wife/random cute person can have a romantic night away instead of sleeping on mom’s inflate-a-bed in a room that used to be yours.

#9 You can take advantage of the new Pay Now/Pay Later option. This allows you to make a payment towards attending the reunion AND still have money to take your baby momma for dinner at Applebee’s.

#8 Witness the one time only showing of a big budget Hollywood-style movie featuring big name stars who will make you both laugh and cry. OK, so the only part of that which is true might be the word “movie” but we’ll try our best.

#7 Two words about the dance floor that you’ve been wanting to hear for 20 years…Milli Vanilli. Sure, they may have lost the Grammy, but they’ll always win over your heart.

#6 A family-style picnic at Jenkins Park with your kids. Come see what the guy who sat behind you in algebra II brought into the world and be glad it wasn’t with you.

#5 Autograph signings by Duane Stevenson. This guy once appeared on Deborah Duncan. Hey, he’s the closest thing we’ve got to Alan Green.

#4 A private party at one of Baytown’s finest drinking establishments. You know you want to drink from a place called “Dirty Bay”

#3 The big sing-a-long. Where else besides a Klan rally would you find a roomful of people that all know a song about Dixie. “It was the night, we drove old Dixie down….”

#2 Your heartfelt desire to not see Carla and I have to panhandle for money since we didn’t have a big enough turnout. Seriously, did we mention how much we’re going to have to pay if you guys don’t come….

And the #1 reason you should attend the RSS 20 year reunion…..

We’re $10 cheaper than the previous reunion…10 years ago!


Questions or comments, please call me or e-mail us: or 832 722 6701.

You can buy a ticket (or ten) at

See you there! – Mike Gill