Monday, June 21, 2010

Less Than a Year Away!

Well folks - this may make you feel old, but I'll be the one to break it to you.....Your 20 year high school reunion is just around the corner! It is less than a year away. What began as just a few folks commenting on the need to get together has finally grown into something a little larger and YOUR reunion is now being planned. The date is tentatively scheduled for June of next year, and a venue is now being sought out, but there's lots more to do. Don't like others in charge of your destiny? Well, get involved. How? Join us to help plan the event. Become a follower of this blog so others can see that their classmates will be in attendance. Help us get the word out about the event by sharing this info with friends, or helping us get in touch with people we can't seem to find. And best of all...participate by contributing a few silly photos or stories. Check back to this site for new information about the event, ways to help, and even classmate updates. Please let us know what you think through either this blog, with the committee though our newly-created e-mail address (, or get in touch directly with me through either Facebook (how ashamed I am to say that I have a page) or my personal e-mail address ( Get in touch and check back soon. - Mike Gill (blogging for the Reunion Committee)

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