Monday, March 21, 2011

All the Info!

Hey, I sent out e-mails to about 200 people last week (unfortunately due to some technical difficulties, I had to do this in batches of five!) Nonetheless, I managed to tell everyone to buy tickets on the blog here, but didn't provide any other information such as times, dates, locations, who is hoping to hook up in the last bathroom stall when everyone is out on the dance floor doing the Vanilla Ice dance, etc.... Well, this is the postcard that folks will be receiving which should give all the info you need to make your plans.

PS - Please buy your tickets soon. Your reunion committee has had to shell out a lot of money to hold ballrooms, DJs, etc... and we now have another payment coming due at the end of next month. We need your money to make this happen. Buy your tickets soon. We want you there.

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