Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Can I Help?

We were starting to sweat it there for a while! After hearing in last summer's survey that everybody and their dog were planning on attending the reunion, we were sure it would be no problem to round up 150 people to share in the cost of a good time. We put the tickets up for sale and..... (crickets). Well, tickets have finally started to sell, but we are definitely facing the possibility of falling short of our goal.

Hearing this, some awesome things started happening. Some of you began beating the bushes and helping us flush out folks who either didn't know about the reunion or weren't sure they wanted to come. Others, knowing that we would be stuck with the remaining balance (which amounts to literally thousands of dollars), have asked how they can help with the shortage of funds and we didn't really have an answer.

I don't expect many folks to use this newest button, but for those who asked to help, here it is:

We've added a "donate" option in the drop down menu below. Maybe you've got summer plans that conflict with our date but still want to help out. It could be that you really don't want to attend but would like to support the event. Maybe you are rich beyond your means and are looking for a good place to unload your dough. Truth is, whatever your reason, if you'd like to help, we'd be glad to accept.

Unless you have access to a really crooked tax preparer, there isn't much we can do for you when it comes to classifying this as a charitable donation. Still, we will be certain to find a way to recognize those folks who have stepped up and helped us out in this way.

There's one last thing to add. If you have a local business that would like to help us out by either donating some door prizes (for the night of the dinner and dance) or offering us a jumper/moonwalk rental at an awesomely discounted rate (for the family picnic) or being willing to massage my feet and back (OK, I'm being selfish, I just got off work and that really sounds good) we'd love to hear from you. Contact us via or give me (Mike Gill) a call at 832 722 6701. We'd be glad to put the name of your business in the spotlight during the event.

I'd hate to think of myself as desperate as these guys, but yes, we could sure use a hand. Thanks again for your continued help in making this something special. Looking forward to seeing you in June. - Your Reunion Committee

PS - If you change your mind after donating and decide to attend the event, we'll be glad to put the amount of your donation towards the cost of your ticket!

To donate, look at the post above. Thanks!

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