Sunday, May 1, 2011

The List So Far....

Well, I have to say I was hoping my computer was going to blow up today with all the folks buying tickets, but it only got warm. Still, I'm happy to announce that our list of attendees is growing and shows potential to grow even more. Here's a list of the folks I have so far. I have a fair number of folks who have assured me they are planning on coming, and quite a few others who are actively helping to make it bigger by pestering their friends. I didn't list who's bringing a date and who isn't . Just trying to give you an idea of who I know has purchased tix. Again, if you haven't checked the list farther down this blog page, please do. There are a lot of names who have not been reached. Remember, don't wait too long to buy your tickets. The price will be going up on May 16th! Buy a ticket. Please don't make me resort to this! Hope to see you there. - Mike Gill

Dory Busby - Allen
Heath Romero
Jesse Flores
Erin Mendoza-Casteel
Clarissa Curry-Linck
Julie Villarreal
Lesley Bridges-Estes
Charles Stephens
BJ Smith-Gallegos
Veronica Valdez-Salmatanis
Caprille Capetillo-Aguero
Amy Peebles-Mayo
Tiffany Hines-Blackford
Michelle Hochstetler-Sifuentes
Charlotte Hoel
Lianna Ponder-Knight
Crissy Brookshire
Brendy Williams
Ann-Marie Updegraff-O'Callaghan
Stephanie Blaylock-Brunson
Carla Woods Vaughn
Darrell Pevoteaux
Mike Gill
Alison Witte-Beazley
Amanda Ball-Bilnoski
Keisha Bundage
William Brackin
Melissa Estrada
Donna Trail
Kim Read-Berthelot
Dedra White - Burdick
Amy Pennington
Pam Marsh
Greg Bridwell
Tedra Tubbs
Angel Chandler-Turney
Laura Oliver-Kennedy
Frank Kotlarz
Sandi Cockrell-Strickland
Sean Aguilar
Yvette Flores Stayman
Kevin Goulding
Kelli Cato-Going
Wendi Branch-Kaplan
Matt Parker
Crystal Littlejohn-Little
Tammie Hensley-Tousha
Brian Harris
Dedra Smith
Julie Gilbert-Smith
Cassie Banks-Childress
Jenny Weldon
Bryan Goode
Jason Martinez
Matt Albus
Ronald Romero
Jason Dizon
Angela Barron Downs
Tamara Hale
Thomas Peden
Whitney Rupp-Frawner
Grace Anne McKay
Wendy Bounds
Janci Alexander-Alfaro
Alfredo Alfaro
Megan Casey-Goodwin
Carey Young
Alex Valdez
Matt Marlow
Gina French-Provopulos
Kelsey Hathaway
Christy Gavin Hughes
Duane Stevenson
Dawn Porter Pridgeon
Jill Satterbak-Moody

If you do not see your name on this list and it should be here, please contact me so I can clear up any mistakes. Thanks!

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  1. You have me as dedra smith-burdick and its Dedra Jones Burdick