Saturday, June 18, 2011

Those Who Have Passed

As one of the collectors of information for this event, I've been asked by numerous people if we are going to have a time set aside in which to honor those classmates who are no longer with us.  Your committee has spent quite a bit of time discussing this by both e-mail and face to face, but have unanimously decided to not make a spectacle.  I've already shared a lot of the fears we have in doing this on FB such as accidentally leaving someone out or seeing "favoritism" towards those who were more well known than others.  Someone asked in the survey if we would be holding a slide show to feature those who have died.  Again, the fear of having loads of photos of Classmate A and only a yearbook photo of Classmate B leaves us believing it would be best to just honor all who have died with a moment of silence before the meal.  Still, there is an understandable curiosity of "just who has died" that seems to be out there, so I'm going to share the list I have via this blog page.  (I was afraid it would be tacky to just put it out there on FB).  Please keep in mind that this is the list THAT I KNOW OF.  If you see that there is someone you know who needs to be added to this list, please contact me.  There are still more than 100 classmates who are considered "missing", so this list could be incomplete:

Cari Allen
Jason Aubey
Shelly Blake
Keith Chapman
Jeremy Clamon
Denroy Clark
Mike Cole
Jerry Cook
Mishelle Garrett
Dora Garzoria
James Guyer
Richard Hemminger
Kristi McLean
Valerie Sandlin
Cicely Wilson


  1. This was nicely done. Someone not named was Jason Aubey

  2. Also, James Guyer passed

  3. Denroy Clark is another one that needs to be added.

  4. Denroy Clark is another one that needs to be added.

  5. Keith Chapman. He died in a car accident about 16 years ago.