Monday, June 27, 2011

Reunion Movie

Well until the Blu-Ray and Director's Cut editions make it onto the market, here is the original video that was shown at the reunion.  It is, by no means a stellar piece of work in that there are a few places where the music is too low or didn't match.  There is a big black spot in the middle of the credits that won't seem to go away either.  Still, for never having edited a video, I thought it wasn't too bad.  Another big thanks to those who helped film this thing, and especially to Carla who still agreed to help despite being sore from a car wreck and needing to deal with the insurance company between scenes.
To get it to fit on the blog page, I had to convert the video to quicktime format.  It's not the sharpest picture, but at least folks who didn't get to see it can find out what all the laughs were about. I'll work on figuring out how to get a better version posted somewhere.

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